How to Convert MT4 Indicators to MT5

MQL4 to MQL5 converter

At the moment there is no one-click solution to convert an MT4 indicator to be used in the MT5 trading platform as an MT5 indicator, instead we need to follow some steps to achieve this. Many traders have accumulated a lot of indicators written in MQL4. To use these indicators in MT5, they need to convert them to MQL5 format. It's not so easy to rewrite all the indicators for MQL5 and it would be much easier to convert them.

The steps below will help you convert your indicators, you will need some knowledge of coding.

Step 1 - MetaTrader 4 Include Files

You have to download the following files and place them in your installation folder.

  • mt4accountinfo.mqh
  • mt4string.mqh
  • mt4datetime.mqh
  • mt4objects_1.mqh
  • mt4timeseries_2.mqh
  • mq4.mqh
  • initmql4.mqh
  • mq4_mq5_bridge.mqh
  • mql4compat.mqh

Download Include Files »

Step 2 - Add Rewrite Script

Place the rewrite script in your MetaTrader Scripts Folder

mt5 rewrite

Download Script »

Step 3 - Add Your Indicator

Now put your MQL4 indicator that you wanna convert to MQL5 in your MetaTrader Files Folder.

mt5 indicators

Step 4 - Open the chart and execute the script

You will now see a window will open, type the exactly name (without extension) of your MQL4 file and select if it is an Indicator (0), EA (1) or Script (2) file.

Click OK to start the conversion.

mt5 execute

Step 5 - View the conversion results

Go to the Files folder and see the conversion results, you should find your MQL5 file.

Now you just need to copy your new MQL5 file to the MT5 installation Indicator.

mt5 results


In the most of cases, you may get some errors when compiling, the link below has some important documentation to help you fix the errors. If you don't have any experience coding and you are stuck just contact an MT4 & MT5 developer.

If you need some help you could try posting on our support forum, we are cTrader Solution Provider, but we will do our best to help you.

mt5 ctrader

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